4 Makeup Must-Haves for College Students on a Budget

1) Maybelline BB Cream

Maybelline - BB Cream

Retailing for $5-$7

In the middle of finals week, the last thing you need to stress you out it a breakout! Dream Pure BB Cream not only conceals blemishes, but it hydrates your skin and actually clears acne!  It’ll leave you feeling fresh and confident about your skin, even if your not-so-confident about the Economics paper.


2) L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara

Butterfly Mascara

Retailing for $7-$8

We’ve tried a lot of mascara’s, but in a hurry and on a budget, this one beats out the rest – It opens your eyes and lengthens your lashes, and is the perfect mascara to apply on the go, and lasts all the way through late night study sessions to early morning lectures.


3) e.l.f Brushes (available at Target)

E.L.F Brushes

e.l.f brushes typically sell for $2-$3 a piece, whereas other retailers list brushes upwards of $38!  Let’s be real, when you have to question whether or not to add guacamole at Chipotle, saving $35 on a decent makeup brush that really lasts shouldn’t be a tough decision.


4) Neutrogena Healthy Skin pressed powder

Neutrogena Healthy skin

A little on the pricier side for our college budget, retailing at $10-$13, but we swear by it!  A quick brush of this pressed powder gives your skin a soft tone, covers blemishes, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

By: A. Schutte

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