The Bachelor Finale Recap – Gender Equality Who?

While most people were completely engrossed with #TheBachelorFinale last night, it seems those people had completely forgotten that the day before, was International Women’s Day… a day which is dedicated to the respect and appreciation of women and their economic, political, and social achievements.

This season’s Bachelor, Chris Soules, or known on social media as ‘Prince Farming’ is a farmer from Arlington, Iowa… population? 429 people as of 2010. Soules set out to find a wife who would essentially be willing to abandon her life in order to live his lifestyle, carry his children, and be a housewife on his farm (aka setting the gender equality movement ideals back about 30 years).

The winner of this season, Whitney, seemed more than enthusiastic about leaving behind her life in Chicago, and her career as a fertility nurse, to move to Iowa.

Soules seemed particularly infatuated with runner-up Becca throughout the entire season, but seemed to run when she could not say “I love you” after 6 weeks. He was not ready to commit to her if she could not commit to abandon her home life for him, and – you guessed it – have his kids (did we mention it’s only been 6 weeks?!) – but Becca managed to walk away with absolute elegance and class.

Personally, we would’ve preferred this ending.

But no, there had to be a twist, of course…
The Bachelor’s spinoff, The Bachelorette, seemed to somewhat balance the show as they spin it so that the women get to choose their man… but last night’s unexpected twist? There will be 2 Bachelorettes – and the MEN will choose “which one will make the best wife,” sound familiar?

Do you watch The Bachelor? Will you watch the Bachelorette(s)? Let us know!


ACby Abigail C

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