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Students, Victims, Celebrities, and Supporters March for their Lives Together

“Schools are for learning, not lockdown,” “Arms are for hugging,” “Girls clothing is more regulated than guns in America,” and “I can’t even bring peanut butter to school,” were just a few of the signs held by supporters  at the monumental March For Our Lives rallies across the country on March 24th, 2018, based  in Washington, D.C.

On Valentine’s day, 2018, lives of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, were forever changed as 17 of their classmates and friends were shot and killed when a 19 year old opened fired an AR-15.  The horrific event was an apparent breaking point for gun control legislation, as the MSD students had simply had enough. The students were quick to take control, as they began the #NeverAgain and #EnoughisEnough movements.


Photo by Peter Hapak for TIME. Via

These students were the heads and hearts behind the The “Enough!” National school walk out on the one month anniversary of the Parkland shooting, where they walked out of school for 17 minutes – one minute for each of their classmates who were killed. But the students didn’t stop there. Following the walkout, they began to organize the March For Our Lives, which immediately gained an immense amount of celebrity support and media recognition. The march held Saturday was one of the largest student protests in American history.

One of the most moving speeches was made an impact in silence.  18 year-old survivor of the Parkland shooting, Emma González,  stood strong on stage in silence for 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the amount of time it took to lose her classmates, moving the audience to tears (video below).

“One of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here,” Sir Paul McCartney told CNN while he attended the New York City rally. McCartney wore a shirt that read, “We Can End Gun Violence,” (shown below) in memory of fellow The Beatles band mate, and friend, John Lennon, who was shot in 1980.



Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Via The Washington Post

Generations of both celebrities and supporters of the movement stood side by side in solidarity, ready to make a change. Miley Cyrus attended the rally in D.C with her mom, Tish, and her two sisters, Brandi and Noah, and performed a moving rendition of her inspirational hit song, The Climb, while wearing a #MSDStrong sweatshirt and holding a sign that read “Never Again.” Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 9-year-old granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King, made an appearance as well.

See all of the most powerful photo’s and messages from celebrities who both attended the marches and supported the movement below.

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This is just the beginning. #MarchForOurLives D.C.

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