Premiere: Lauren Davidson Illustrates an Idyllic Holiday Romance with “We’re Just Warming Up”

When New York native Lauren Davidson hosted a Holiday show with a group of friends and fellow NY country artists two years ago, the idea stemmed for her to share her love for the holiday season through an original new story.

“We played original songs and holiday covers and I sang a duet of ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside‘ with my buddy Tommy Cole who I also write with relatively frequently,” Lauren reminisces to heirwaves, “We had so much fun I decided that I wanted to try and write something original for holiday season and Tommy’s love for Christmas was so contagious.”

Lauren Davidson We're Just Warming UpTossing around a variety of holiday references that reminded them of their beloved winter season in New York, the two dove into writing Lauren’s original holiday single, “We’re Just Warming Up.”

“I love this song so much,” Lauren exclaims, “Holiday music is great whether it’s a cover or an original but having a song that is mine that no other artist has ever sung before me is really special to me as an artist.”

On her desire to create an original track in amidst a sea of holiday covers, she notes that it was her love for the classic Christmas songs inspired her to write one that was deeply meaningful to her. “I love many different versions of classic songs but some of my favorites have always been original songs because it peeked my interest more,” she explains, “I’m paying attention to the lyrics and the music and the arrangement where as when you hear a song you’ve heard so many times you sometimes miss those small things.”

Lauren Davidson“For me songwriting is storytelling so this is a story I wanted to tell,” she continues, “I think it’s relatable all year round not just holiday time but we threw in the Christmas references to make it special for this time of year.”

As 2020 comes to a close, Lauren is full of gratitude for both the personal and artistic growth she has experienced on her journey as a new independent artist – but she is even more excited for all that is on the horizon. “Each year I get to accomplish things I didn’t think were possible the year before,” she admits.

While the holiday season marks the end of a year of growth, it further resembles a new beginning for Lauren with the release of this track. “Its a fun and flirty song.  I hope it makes people happy and feel the true essence of this time of year,” she concludes.

Hear the exclusive premiere of “We’re Just Warming Up” below – available for streaming and download on all platforms on December 6th.

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