Patient Sixty-Seven Unveil Powerful New Single “Where To From Here”

Perth based metalcore/rock band Patient Sixty-Seven have released their new single “Where To From Here” – a track which captures the band’s desire to stay true to their stories by sharing their most honest reflections of the experiences that have most impacted them, and the thoughts and moments that mean the most to them.

Patient Sixty-Seven x heirwavesFollowing the release of their June 2019 single “Help Inflicted,” the track leads the band into the next chapter: containing the title lyric to their upcoming February 14th EP, Home Truths.  From immediately striking an emotional chord with a captivating introduction, to navigating a deeply intense lyrical narrative, all laced through a stirring instrumental exploration, “Where To From Here” represents a truly dynamic new wave for the band.

“It was a track that definitely evolved through the writing process,” vocalist Tom Kiely tells heirwaves, “We wanted to continue bringing the same enthusiasm and feel that we had on our last two singles – and see where we could find ways to grow as well.”

Kiely shares that the process of writing song was truly an outlet for his dealing with what was happening in his life at the time, and for the band, represented pushing themselves in ways they hadn’t before. “This song definitely grew a lot as it was coming together,” he acknowledges, “at the time we were speaking with Kellin (Quinn) about our new music, and when we went through the early demos of this song – he really challenged us as a band to find our voice and grow.” 

P67 x heirwavesFinding that voice as a band meant finding a way to balance lyrics that were as honest as possible, while still representing the intensity they hoped to bring – and with Quinn’s help writing the chorus… they brilliantly captured that complex combination. 

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to share the lyrics I’m working on with other people,” Kiely discloses, “but it just became less about that initial anxiety and more about wanting to share this song with the world. I let go of that doubt.” 

He admits while he had all of his stuff packed to move out, he had just been given some rather life-changing news. “It was a whirlwind and happened so quickly,” he says, “emotionally there was just a lot going on. I was torn between feeling selfish for feeling weak, angry and eventually realising that it was okay to feel these things, and it was important to be strong and be the best person I could for myself and those around me.”

“I think because I didn’t really want to face it at first – what my family and Dad were going through, I was half committing to the idea because I didn’t even want to really accept it myself,” he continues, sharing that the writing process ultimately proved cathartic in expressing those emotions. 

“Upon reflection – the message of the song is honestly about taking what life throws at you, and facing it with all you have, even when that might not seem like much and everything looks helpless,” he says, “I want the song to show and resonate that things can get hard, there are a lot of times where life challenges us unexpectedly, it can be uncomfortable and confronting – but it’s about finding a way forward. We can grow through the hard times, I’ll always believe in that.”

Beginning the new year with their new EP on the horizon, Kiely shares that this time represents the beginning of a new chapter for the band and is truly the culmination of all they have been working for. “We’re all really excited by the journey ahead, wherever it takes us,” he concludes.

“Where To From Here” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now. 

p67 Where To From Here

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ACby Abigail C

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