Alex Kinsey Performs New Single “Simple” for heirwaves Acoustic Sessions

Kinsey performs his debut solo single “Simple” for heirwaves acoustic sessions. 

Kinsey x heirwaves

After being one half of the winning duo on the final season The X-Factor U.S in 2013, Alex Kinsey has released his debut solo single “Simple,” under the label Kinsey. 

The track showcases Kinsey’s bold, sultry vocals through lyrics which are laced with the consciousness of a desperation and struggle hiding beneath a relationship that seemed so simple on the surface.

Check out Kinsey’s captivating unplugged version of the track below!


“Stop being so dramatic // I’ll admit it was magic when we were young // Now all I feel is tension // I’ve been afraid to mention but now it’s gone // It’s over now” Kinsey, “Simple”

“Simple” is available for streaming on all platforms now.

Alex Kinsey x heirwaves / Simple

Follow Alex: Website // Twitter // Instagram


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