Heart and Soulex | Singer/Songwriter Soulex Delivers Mesmerizing Performance in The Hamptons

Staying true to her name, singer/songwriter Soulex delivers an absolutely mesmerizing performance infused with pure soul.

From the moment singer/songwriter Soulex graced the stage at the Spur East for the 101.7 The Beach Summer Music Party, she instantly captivated in the intimate audience with an alluring power stemming from the very first note – filling every corner of the small venue as if it were a stadium. 

Performing her debut record Love Lessons, Soulex carried the crowd through wild undulations of the heart with intoxicating songs that deeply resonate far behind the final chords.

Leading off with her record’s first track “Roses,” The L.A based musician stunned with her smooth and soothing cadence paired with raw instrumental backing. It is clear early on that the lyrics are the driving force behind her artistry, as the weight behind each word is felt throughout the entire venue. 

Writing all of her own songs not emanates in her ability to deliver a brilliant performance full of honest emotion, but in the fact that those emotions transpire throughout each person in the room as their own heartstrings begin to tear and mend over again with each song. 

Each song is a lesson of love and life that dives deep throughout her past and can be universally translated to anyone who’s ever felt those wild highs and lows of heartache. The last song of her record, and of her set, sends a chill throughout her audience with the stunning final words, “Even if there’s nothing left to lose // Everything it pales compared to you,” signifying a new chapter full of new lessons left to be learned. 

Through her compelling lyrics, sultry intonation, and melodies built on catchy complexity, Soulex is a dynamic new artist to watch – and not having her on your new music radar would be an absolute mistake.

Love Lessons is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.

Soulex - Love Lessons

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*Header Image by Steve Shaw
ACby Abigail C

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