Cloe Wilder Takes Us Behind The Song of Melancholic New Single “Save Me.”

A rising dark/pop sensation at just 13 years old, Singer/Songwriter Cloe Wilder rose to widespread recognition through her YouTube cover series which garnered nearly 1.3 million views. Following the release of her debut original single “Overthinking” in April, and her second original “i don’t wanna” in July, Wilder created beautifully relatable tracks that encompass her both powerful and melancholic vocal tone, and openly capture her personal mental health journey as she continues to emphasize a theme of embracing imperfections.

Wilder’s latest single “Save Me.” produced by Grammy-nominated Jayme David Silverstein, is a stunning, sorrowful track that dives into deeply personal, emotional thoughts of feeling truly broken. With lyrics such as : “Mirror shows me my broken images // I can’t fix it now it’s the way it is,” the song captures elements of heartache and desperation, boldly embracing Wilder’s dark/pop brand.

Wilder took heirwaves behind the song and spoke with us about how the track evolved, the message of the narrative, and how it carries her into the next chapter as an artist.

heirwaves: Could you elaborate on the origin of this song, how it evolved, and what it means to you? 

Cloe Wilder: this song was listing reasons as to why I understand, but also why I’m okay. My family and friends had never known my music or expression to be that devastating, so as I began to write and release, they began to worry. This song is an acknowledgment of what’s wrong, but also to what’s right.

HW: Could you briefly describe your songwriting process, how you tapped into the personal scenarios on this track, and what it was like for you to share that with the world?

CW: I told my producers, “I’ve tried to make myself feel better. I’ve tried to put this down on paper. It’s not working.” I think I needed people. Although I’ve evolved and sometimes believe I could’ve done better (as I do with everything), I’m glad we wrote this.

HW: You’ve described yourself as a “Dark/Pop” singer – could you dive into that a little more and share what that label means to you and how it affects “Save Me.”?

CW: I want you to feel comfortable crying and dancing to my music. That is the best I could ever describe it.

HW: As a young artist, you’ve already established a platform where you’re touching on important social themes like mental health and embracing imperfection, how do you hope to incorporate those elements into your music, and relay those messages to your young audience?

CW: I want listeners to understand that songwriters don’t only write these songs for themselves, or because they hope it’ll result in fame… and that the majority hope to help you. I wouldn’t write these songs if I didn’t understand or feel them. 

HW: With such a strong new single – what’s next on the horizon for you?

CW: I already feel as though I’ve done so much, but in reality, this is barely the sunrise – that’s what I’ve been told. You can expect consistent singles and an eventual EP!! 

“Save Me.” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now. 

cloe wilder - save me

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ACby Abigail C

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