air·waves – ˈerˌwāvz – noun: the radio frequencies used for broadcasting +
heir – er/ – noun – continuing the legacy =
heirwaves: the next wave of music.

Authentic Artists | Unfiltered Voices | Inspiring Stories

heirwaves was launched in 2013 as a niche for music evolution and inspiration. Carefully curated to showcase the next wave of game-changing artists & songwriters, heirwaves dives deeper with thought-provoking topics, refreshingly disruptive questions, and unfiltered answers – highlighting those who are using their music and platforms to stem relevant conversations on contemporary issues, and to tell their authentic stories. 

The Team

Abigail_WIMI Abigail Courtland | Founder, Editor
New York, NY

My first concert was in a small field in my hometown. I remember watching in awe as I looked up at James Taylor on stage, while I was standing next to none other than Sir Paul McCartney… I was 13, and the high from that extraordinary musical moment never faded. That same year, I met an upcoming pop artist who helped me discover the magic that came from combining my love for music with the love for creating connections that help others rise. Growing from my experiences, I started a little music blog in my bedroom in 2013. Originally establishing roots alternative rock world, that “little” blog took me on an epic journey.

I have an overwhelming desire to help real artists tell real stories, and to share music that has wild depth and meaning. I wanted to share music that would make a real difference in people’s lives. At the end of the day, if I can connect one artist with one person who loves their song or is inspired by their story, then I will be content that we’re doing something right. @AbigailCourtland

ACby Abigail C

Former Contributers:

AC copy.pngJennifer Crim | Senior Nashville Correspondent 
Nashville, TN – by Jennifer C


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