Megosh – Interview with Marley Magazine

We had the opportunity to speak with the Baltimore based rock band and the latest additions to the Revival Recordings family, Megosh, about their current tour with Alesana, their debut EP, and much more!


You’re on the “You Better Watch Your Mouth, Sunshine!” tour with Alesana, The Color Morale, Lions Lions and Upon The Dawning, and being that it has only just begun, how excited are you to be working alongside these artists and what are you most looking forward to about the rest of this tour?
We’re super excited to learn from bands with experience with this being our first tour. We’re two days in and we’ve already learned a lot. We’re most looking forward to playing to new people and building new relationships with people all over the east coast.

You guys just released your brand new self-titled EP, Could you tell us a bit about the creation of this EP and how it all came together?
We just worked hard on the album. Finch and I [Josh] just sat in the basement for a year trying to find a sound that we enjoyed and that others would enjoy. After the music was there, we needed the right lineup and then we were ready to release.

Now you also just signed with Revival Recordings, what has the journey been like with them so far?
Smooth. Shawn’s really easy to work with and he cares about us as a band which makes it feel like a family, and that’s what we’re all about.

Where did the name Megosh come from?
Watch the movie Willow 😉

How did you all come together to form the band?
Josh and Finch grew up together, and then Craigslist.

Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

Just for the fans to get to know you guys a bit better, could you describe each band member with one word?
Luke = extreme
Finch = loud
Derv = Jesus
Josh = plaid

What is the most played song on all of your iPods?
Derv & Josh: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift
Finch: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Luke: Train of Flesh by Turbo Negro

Your fans helped you guys raise over $2,600 via Kickstarter to help you get on this tour, how incredible was the support for you guys?
We can’t put it into words. It really blew us away. It was the moment we realized that there were people actually listening and that we had people to make music for. Our fans are just as important as the members in the band.

What should fans expect when they head out to a Megosh show?
To meet us personally. We smile a lot and don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we work hard to impress our fans musically.

With the release of the new EP, What are your plans for after this tour ends?
We have a lot of songs in the works that need finishing and polishing and our next step is to record a full length with Revival.

I love to end off with the famous quote “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?”
We’re doing it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
His last name is Ufgood.

Pick up Megosh’s debut self-titled EP on iTunes now!


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