BØRNS – “Candy” EP Review


2/12/15 BØRNS – Candy EP

How rare, in a world of perpetual distant noise and lost music, do we hear a song – a melody, which carries us to an entirely new and pure form of sound. Something as refreshing, as raw, and as genuinely captivating as BØRNS’ “Candy – EP”. The soul behind BØRNS, Garrett Borns, entrances listeners with what is the truly unique and alluring compilation of his debut EP. With a simple blend of sensational sounds, “Candy” radiates eclectic, positive vibes in an encompassing mix and an outstanding performance.

Leading off with Electric Love, Borns presents a fantastic, and smile inducing track which is sure to bring a spark to the heart of the listener. 10,000 Emerald Pools exhibits a stronger, and more dynamic aura paired with incredible layering and instrumentals. The angelic and melodic intro of Past Lives leads into an enchanting combination of sounds and speeds. It is a song which really showcases the wide spectrum of Borns’ vocal flair. Closing with the energetic tempo of Seeing Stars, Borns fades out with the bang of an upbeat and all around bright mix. In his lyrics, “In time it could be all ours,” the world is most definitely his to inspire.

With impeccable mastering, and positively alluring lyrics, the folk and electro rock mix of BØRNS is purely captivating. It is a simple, beautiful, and effervescent blend that can truly help you feel a little magic, turn off the world for a little while and wander. Packed with such an array of power and skill, Borns is capable of enchanting listeners with his unique sound and style. With something so unique about the soul within, “Candy” is a refreshing breath of clarity.


ACby Abigail C

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