Chance McKinney Performs “We Good” & “Backyard” on heirwaves Acoustic Sessions

Montana native Chance McKinney took a break from his radio tour in Nashville to perform his songs “We Good” and “Backyard” for heirwaves Acoustic Sessions.

“It’s one of the song’s I did the most writing on,” McKinney says of ‘We Good’, “and one that I’m super proud of. It kinda came across as country meets the Jackson 5.” He describes the track as a simple, cool, and fun, way to set the tone for a great show. “It’s crazy how infectious this song is.”

McKinney’s song “Backyard,” is set to hit radio stations in April. “We’ve got 48 more radio shows before this hits the airwaves,” he says, adding that he thinks it’s going to be pretty special. “Take it and roll with it in your backyard some time!”

Check out Chance McKinney’s acoustic sessions below and stream both songs from his 2018 I and EP’s on all platforms now.

Chance McKinney – “We Good” on heirwaves Acoustic Sessions

Chance McKinney – “Backyard” on heirwaves Acoustic Sessions

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