Zealyn Opens Up About Mesmerizing New Single “Faster Now”

Los Angeles based alternative/electronic singer-songwriter Zealyn opened up to heirwaves about the release of her latest single “Faster Now.” The radiantly delicate track carries out a sheer vulnerability lyrically with a stunning idyllic melody that embodies a feeling of facing fears and moving forward. 

Zealyn x Heirwaves 2“‘Faster Now‘ is an extremely vulnerable song for me,” Zealyn reveals, “This song was born from a moment of weakness where I allowed the pressure of songwriting, and the music industry in general, to get to me.” The track was written in 2015 while she was in the studio with Aaron Marsh working on her debut EP, Limbic System, but after a month and a half in the studio with Aaron, she was feeling the weight of writers block, and the fear of letting people down. “This song was really my way of self medicating through this process.”

“The second verse starts with the lyrics ‘When the promise of the morning lets me down… when the fog rolls in I’m cold and all alone…’ but it is immediately followed up by pre chorus reflecting on a sense of hope,” Zealyn explains, “This part of the song really sums it all up to me. I want listeners to know that it’s okay to be down, it’s okay to feel defeated, there’s no shame in that. Especially as a musician. But it’s important to have something to hold on to… and whatever that is that keeps you hopeful, you can’t afford to lose sight of it.”

Finding that hope within the music industry has been a long journey for Zealyn, who believes that her best musical years are still ahead of her, making it all worthwhile. “This song to me was a perfect way to start the new year. It’s a gentle song that’s about remaining hopeful even when you want to quit, and I think that sums up the last few years for me.”

With the delicate symbolism of facing the wild waves and finding peaceful waters, “Faster Now” radiates a powerful phoenix-rising feeling, from falling down and finding the strength to keep moving forward. “To me it’s the beginning of a new chapter, and I believe 2019 and on will be special.”

“Faster Now” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.

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Zealyn Faster Now

ACby Abigail C

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