Party of One: Alex Kinsey Celebrates The Songs That Make Him Smile With The Release of His Debut Solo EP

Los Angeles based pop singer/songwriter Alex Kinsey has released his debut solo EP – Party of One.

For Alex Kinsey, the orchestration of his debut solo EP did not happen overnight… not even close. In fact, he had the cover picked out nearly three years prior. Having the title chosen a year in advance as well, Kinsey had time to allow himself and his music to organically evolve before stepping out on his own. “It’s really fun to see how it’s all finally coming to fruition,” he says.

Having previously been one half of an X-Factor winning duo in 2013, followed by being  member of the band BoTalks, Kinsey is stepping out on his own as an independent solo artist. “It’s the first thing I’m doing on my own,” he says, “so far the response has been really great… I’ve been inundated with love.”

Kinsey heirwaves
Photo by Nick Gilligan

The EP, Kinsey says, is simply a collection of songs that he really, truly enjoys. “It’s fun to release stuff that you’re a fan of,” he says, “I feel like a lot of artists are their own worst critics – I think all artists are their own worst critics,” he clarifies, noting how easy it is to get lost inside that criticism. Instead of wondering what other people will think is good, Kinsey confesses that it’s been fun to celebrate what he thinks is good for a change. “This EP is me celebrating these 6 six songs that came together out of all different places,” he says. Instead of asking himself which songs fit into certain genres and playlists, Kinsey took as step back and asked himself which ones he genuinely enjoyed to sing along to or blast in the car. “I hope it’s not just my narcissism talking,” he laughs jokingly, “but I think it’s all good music.”

While the songs were chosen from his own perspective, he acknowledges that as an artist there is a sense of conformity that you ultimately must consider. “At the end of the day, we are releasing this music for other people to listen to,” he says, noting that two of the songs on the EP feel very unique to him. “Two of them I don’t think anyone else would ever release, which is exciting for me because they’re songs that are going to really be mine,” he says, “Well, that’s what I’m trying for at least,” he laughs off humbly. 

Kinsey released his debut single from the EP in February, ‘Simple’ which showcases his dynamic, sultry vocals with lyrics that captured the consciousness of a desperation and struggle hiding beneath a relationship that seemed so easy on the surface. “It hit me hard and brought so much emotion out of me,” he says of the first time he heard the track, “I had to put it out. That was it. It all just sort of made sense after that.”

Alex Kinsey x Heirwaves“‘Simple’ just sort of said all the things that I’ve been wanting to say,” Kinsey explained. He reveals that he never entirely opened up about the public dissolution of his previous band. “I haven’t talked about much,” he says, “and I don’t really feel like I need to anymore because of ‘Simple’ – which was exactly the whole point,” Kinsey says, adding that for him, the song accomplished the task of letting him get what he was feeling off of his chest. 

The EP’s second single, ‘Don’t Let Go’ was a song that Kinsey says happened rather seamlessly over the course of just a few days. “I think that it was a nice breath after ‘Simple'” he says, adding that ‘Don’t Let Go’ serves as a lighter track to balance out the intensity of ‘Simple’. “You feel like you can breathe while you’re listening to it,” he says of the song – which was the last to be added to the EP’s tracklist. 

As he emerges as an independent artist, he hopes to show people that it’s alright create just for the sake of creating, and encourages other independent artists to build each other up and put out as much as they can. “All of this is totally independent,” Kinsey says, “we’re figuring this out as we go. I hope that this can give people some motivation to create what they love and then put it out – because we can! We live in a world where we can do that, I think we should.” 

Throughout the making of Party of One, Kinsey admits that the decisions really came down to deciding what felt right to him – something he hadn’t had the opportunity to decide with previous projects, and that every decision that went into it felt completely honest and organic. He hopes that the authentic creation of the EP will allow for an honest representation of himself as he steps into this new musical chapter on his own, as exactly who he is. 

“I’m a pretty happy person!” Kinsey exclaims, “I like to smile and laugh a lot more than anything else.” He recognizes that for him, his new music is a lot happier than the music he had released with previous projects. “A lot of my old music had a lot of honest and sad emotions in it,” he says, “‘Little Do You Know’ is a really sad, gut wrenching song,” he says of one of the most recognized song’s from his X-Factor winning duo, Alex & Sierra. “I love that it resonates with people,” he continues, “that’s super special, but for me, I personally am a much happier person than that song portrays.”

Kinsey x heirwaves
photo by Nick Gilligan

Following his time on X-Factor, Kinsey discloses that there were many more people making decisions about his music – with two major labels on board. He says that ultimately in that situation he more or less would just be factored into the decisions that were being made around him. “We had some really cool stuff,” he reminisces, “but there’s something about it not having to make sense and just doing what feels right.” And  doing what felt right to him was an instrumental element of making his EP. 

“I sit on things until they feel right,” he says, “I’m not a very direct person all the time with my decisions,” he says of his tendency to go with the flow of the crowd. “This has been fun to take the reins. I make sure if I don’t have the answers I have someone that I can reach out to that does.”

Taking the reins has proven to be a positive step for Kinsey, as his new music has allowed those formerly subdued sides of himself to shine through. “I genuinely am a pretty happy person, so I like making happy music,” Kinsey says, “I’d like to think that this music on the EP just sort of taps into that side of me a little more.” 

“I’m a really goofy person!” he says, “I think that music is fun.” While the entertainment industry has its highs and lows, Kinsey is extremely grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves for a living.  “I wake up every day being really happy and excited about that fact…” he says, “this is fun. Listening to music should be fun. So, I want people to understand that side of it. ” Kinsey shares that every step of the making of his EP has been entirely rewarding, and that he hopes that the new music makes listeners as happy as it makes him. 

Kinsey is inviting all LA fans to celebrate with him and hear the new music live at his EP release show on June 6th at Hotel Café (tickets here). Party of One is available for streaming & download on all platforms now. 

Kinsey // Party of One

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