Caroline Romano Stays True to Herself as a Young Artist in a Social Media Driven World

Pop singer/songwriter Caroline Romano is using her platform and her music to make sure her voice is heard loud and clear as she sings about her generation’s most relevant themes. From the negative effects of social media on body image, to the back-and-forth games in modern relationships, the 17-year old Nashville-bound, Mississippi native is using her experiences growing up in a modern world to let her listeners know that they are not alone.

Caroline RomanoCaroline stopped by the heirwaves studio on her first ever trip to New York – coincidentally along 5th Avenue – cited in a lyric of her March 2019 single “Me and You,” – which also contains the line, “I know I’m young and I have so much left to do,” words that could not be more in line with the young star’s destiny to rise.

“Growing up, music helped me through some really difficult times,” she tells heirwaves, referring to dealing with bullying in school. “It became really important for me for the music I write to serve as inspiration and motivation and comfort for others going through the same thing,” she says.

“Plenty of artists, their music really got me through those times,” Caroline continues, “I really want to be that same artist for somebody else going through some difficulties.” Referencing her 2017 debut single, “Masterpiece” featuring Jacob Whitesides, she adds that the message of that song was really important for her introduction at an artist with the theme of owning who you are as a person.

Even prior to that, Caroline has always been inclined to help others and spread a positive message through her music, having appeared on national TV to performed a deeply personal song written to combat the issue of body shaming – and has additionally partnered with the PACER organization to bring attention to age and social media.

“I do think social media has played a huge role in these things getting worse, people feeling worse about themselves because of the false reality they see on social media,” Caroline admits, hoping to show her audience that life is not all it seems in the pictures. “I don’t like people to think that I look photo ready all the time because I certainly don’t. I’m just trying to keep it real,” she says.

Above: Caroline Romano performs “Games” on heirwaves Acoustic Sessions.

Caroline’s latest single “Games” is a bold and beautifully catchy pop anthem that dives into the ups and downs, and continuous games played in modern dating. “I got really frustrated with how it’s always such a back and forth type of game that people who are young in a relationship tend to play,” she confesses.

Blending a wide range of dynamic pop influences, Caroline admits that she’s still finding her sound. “I’m still young and I’m writing about the things I experience,” she discloses, “I’m really just experimenting with what I like, and each song gets to be individual because of that.”

“Games” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now. Watch our full interview with Caroline here.

Caroline Romano x heirwaves

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