LVRBOY Reveals Stunning Stripped Down Version of “Now That I’m Leaving”

Nashville based singer/songwriter LVRBOY shared his most honest “Sad-Boy” truth with the world through his debut heartbreak single, “Now That I’m Leaving.” As a self proclaimed hopeless romantic, LVRBOY is allowing himself to be truly vulnerable as he vibrantly tells his deeply personal and emotional stories of love and loss through music that could only be described as a dynamic blend of Heartbreak and Lovestruck Pop.

LVRBOYThrough his honest and authentic storytelling, LVRBOY’s lyrics have the captivating ability to resonate through the idyllic memory of a time, place, or feeling – whether it resemble the butterfly-esque beginning or tear-jerking ending, layered between unapologetically catchy melodies.

Allowing himself to truly bare it all in the most vulnerable way, LVRBOY has released the stunning stripped-down piano version of “Now That I’m Leaving” – telling the emotionally stirring common tale of the overthinking and second guessing that coincides with every ending and new beginning. Read our conversation with LVRBOY below, where we dive into the meaning of the song and the evolution of the new stripped down version.

heirwaves: You just released the stripped down version of your debut single, “Now That I’m Leaving” – Would you mind just diving into the song and elaborate on where it stemmed from and what it means to you?

LVRBOY: “now that I’m leaving” is based on the age old tale “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.” I walked out on a relationship I wasn’t sure I wanted only to realize that I did want it after actually taking the steps to end it. “now that i’m leaving” is an honest internalization of how I was actually feeling. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. My entire record is basically just an autobiography sung with a ton of falsetto.

LVRBOY x heirwaveshw: What aspects of the song inspired you to release the acoustic version?

LV: The lyrical honesty is what really drove me to want to release a stripped version of the song. I love performing my songs stripped down with just a piano or a guitar. I think that’s what helps me pinpoint what songs I’m going to release a lot of the time. I think to myself, “if the song stands up with just a piano and a vocal, it’s a good song, and the production is just extra.”

hw: In the process of recording this stripped down version, how did it allow you to see the song in a new light and what about the meaning of the song was affected through that transition? 

LV: The process of recording the stripped version didn’t really allow me to see the song in a new light but, more so made me reminiscent of that day I wrote it with my two friends Struan and Ian in Ian’s studio. That’s usually where my songs start; just piano vocal, and it builds from there. So I guess it kind of came full circle.

hw: As you begin perform more live shows, do you foresee yourself playing the acoustic version of this track over the original?

LV: I’m not sure I would ever play the acoustic version over the original, mostly because I love the way we produced it. I could se myself maybe starting a show playing it on piano (like the stripped version) and then breaking into the full production performance. I like that. I’m gonna do that one of these days. Haha.

hw: Is there anything else you would like to add about this track?

LV: This video was performed in my producer Garrett Miller’s awesome studio and the video was shot by badass friend Christina Cooper. Christina and I have been trying to work together for awhile and once I had this concept, I knew just who to call. She slayed it.

“Now That I’m Leaving (Stripped)” is available for streaming and download on all platforms.
LVRBOY Acoustic

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