John White Explores the Dichotomy Between Broken and Breaking with Captivating New Single

Breaking through constant chaotic noise that surrounds us, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter John White is emerging as a truly impactful, one of a kind pop artist – letting his most honest personal narratives radiate through intricately captivating melodies.

With the release of his second single, “Breaking,” White captures the true internal turmoil and unease of knowing that an already broken relationship is nearing a painful final breaking point. White’s lyrics boldly express the honest thoughts and emotions of struggling to let go of something that’s really already gone.

Canvas Texture“This song kind of came together at different points in my life,” White tells heirwaves, “The first half was due to a romantic relationship that was falling out, and the second verse came almost a year later when I had a conversation with myself about how upset I was towards certain people I felt like were taking advantage of my time and energy.”

White explains that after recording the track, he let it sit for about a year before returning to it. Hearing it again immediately gave him chills, and in that moment he knew that he had to share it with the world. “I knew that if it still resonated with me despite not hearing it for that long, that it has the chance to do that for others and stick around for awhile,” he shares.

The track is laced with a brilliant dichotomy of waiting for the sadness of heartbreak to hit, and waiting for that painful breaking point – but ultimately is carried by and underlying sense of hope that conveys the notion that perhaps the breaking is necessary to get better.

The striking title lyric “Just because I’m not broke / Doesn’t mean I ain’t breaking,” echoes on repeat beyond the song’s final chords, deeply resonating through the genuine emotions, and fueled by commanding production. “For me, it’s the finale at the end when it all comes together in that last chorus,” White exclaims, “It’s like all of the emotions I wanted to push out came within the production at the moment and it matched up perfectly.”

“Why can’t I get through to you / Every syllable bleeds for you / Swear I hate when you say I’m like my father / Just to push me farther.” – John White, ‘Breaking’

While the lyrics such dive deep into very real and vulnerable emotions for White, there is a beautiful catharsis for him in owning his truth. “I kind of started writing at a young age and always created lyrics that meant something to me,” he explains, “I love sharing personal songs with the world because my main goal is so inspire others and let people know that it’s okay to feel sad at times, don’t apologize for your feelings, ever.”

Admitting that as most musicians do at some point in their career, he was once intent on chasing the hit pop song, but reevaluated his artistry when he recognized that type of creation was not contributing to his happiness – so he altered his intention. “It got rid of this ‘end result’ I thought I was searching for,” he explains, “and I’m able to live in the moment when I create now and not hold anything back because I know that’s all coming from an organic state of mind.”

In getting himself to that organic state of mind, he acknowledges that finding the right balance of work and life is imperative. “I used to work in the studio from the time I woke up, until I got tired, only eating maybe one meal a day,” he admits, “I learned that wasn’t sustainable. I would get writers block and wonder why I couldn’t create.” White ultimately learned to step outside the studio to create those moments worth singing about.

Destined to resonate and inspire through his bold and honest narratives, his overall dynamic production truly elevates him to the next level as an artist that can only be described as at the very beginning of a phenomenal, impactful journey in music. Currently working at Warner Records in Los Angeles, White aims to release a new song every four weeks for the next year, while continuing to keep it real and to remind people that they are not alone.

“For me it’s always been about helping others,” White shares, “People have tough times and some times they have nobody to talk to. Most people who smile at you have something going on that they want to talk about. I try to speak to everyone no matter where I go, even if they look happy. A five minute conversation can make all the difference, and within my own voice I want to share my stories and situations through the music and help someone realize that they’re not alone, and we can all be a crutch for someone who needs it most. Be kind!”

“Breaking” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.

John White - Breaking

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