Sarah DeFors Re-Envisions The Holiday Classics With New Song “That Time of Year”

Known for her sassy, soulful sound and powerful vocals, Northern California native and pop singer/songwriter Sarah DeFors has made a mark on the Nashville community. 

Sarah DeforsWhile it is a trending topic for artists to share their personal takes on the holiday classics through covers, Sarah DeFors immediately knew she wanted to create a holiday song that was equally inspired by the classics, and all her own experiences. 

Co-written with Nell Maynard and Justin Johnson, “This Time of Year” is DeFors’ re-imagined take on a holiday classic. DeFors shares that she had had the idea for the song in her head for a while prior to creating it. “I’d had the idea, title and style floating around in my head for a bit. I’d pitched it a few times in sessions, but it never stuck. This session, I was secretly really hoping to do a funky, out-of-the-box Christmas song that mixed classic songs with a new pop sound,” DeFors shares.

“We wanted the song to be straight fun/nostalgia coming from our use of classic holiday tunes while feeling really fresh, quirky and new! After we got the demo, Justin and I quickly made some last tweaks and I sent it to some of the sync companies I work with. The rest is history!” she adds. 

DeFors describes her sound as pop with strong soul, hip-hop and R&B influences, aiming to make her music as sync-friendly as possible. She recently took some time over the past few years to develop her sound and discover who she is as an artist. “This Time of Year” in particular mixes DeFors’ “love of classic music styles, rappy rhythmic phrasing and fun pop melodies and topics”. DeFors shares that she couldn’t think of a better way to re-introduce herself that with a song about her favorite time of year that includes all of her favorite things about music. 

“This Time of Year” is available for streaming and download on all platforms.

Sarah Defors - That Time of Year

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*photos by Benjamin Poss

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