Lights – “Siberia” (Acoustic) Album Review


130304-Lights-278x2484/27/13 Lights – “Siberia” (Acoustic) 

From the very first note, it is apparent that this record is different from anything that Lights has done in her previous releases. With “Siberia” (Acoustic), Lights has yet again proven to the world the absolute versatility and raw talent that she possesses. Featuring collaborations such as the American Electronic project, Owl City, Canadian rock band Arkells’ frontman, Max Kerman, and the French stylings of Canadian singer-songwriter, Coeur de Pirate, there is certainly a fluid blend of genre’s throughout the record.

Leading off with “Banner,” Lights instantly captivates the listener with the authentic vibe in her voice and flawless dynamic. With songs like “Where The Fence Is Low,” “Suspension,” and “Peace Sign,” She proves how different a song can feel when it is void of the melody that made it known. “Siberia” (Acoustic) offers an entire new perspective. Uncovered from the energetic pop mixes that she is known and loved for, her natural talent is simply sublime. Lights was able to re-create each song in it’s entirety and make them all new again. Stripped down and simplified, the only thing that makes this record similar to the original “Siberia,” is the lyrics.

“Siberia” (Acoustic) is available for streaming and download on April 30th.


ACby Abigail C

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