Escape The Fate – Interview with Marley Magazine

We had the opportunity to talk to Michael Money, guitar player for Escape The Fate, about the band’s new record “Ungrateful” and what’s to come in 2013!


First off, congratulations on the new record, it’s incredible!  “Ungrateful” officially comes out in less than a week, how excited are you guys about the release?
This is extremely exciting for me as this is my first record being a official member of the Escape the Fate team. I’ve always been there from last records but I made sure to work extra hard on this for my coming out and I couldn’t be more excited!

You’ve been streaming the full album and I’ve seen nothing but positive comments, how do you feel the response has been so far?
I read comments all the time. I like to know what feeds the crowd and our fans and I’ve seen nothing but positive responses the streaming it makes me happy all the hard work we put in was worth it! We really love our fans.

In regards to the recording process of this album, it was definitely a long time in the making… what were some of the unanticipated challenges that you all had to overcome, and following that, unexpected rewards that came out of the creation of this record?
Going into this record day 1 I didn’t know what to expect but I just loved writing. My brother and I would write material for days on end. We expected to do the entire album with John Feldman, who is a great producer. Part way through we realized we need a change.  The work we did with him was great, but still not quite complete to us. We ended up going through a few other producers before we finally decided to really grind it out ourselves! Some really unexpected help came along with Brandon Baller and Patrick Stump. J Angel really surprised me of how much great stuff and chemistry we had in the studio. They are great guys couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out and wouldn’t mind working with them again.

How would you say this album differs from what you’ve done in the past?
This record differs for sure. Previous records we were always told what to do and what not to do. That’s too much, this is not enough, it’s bullshit! I really felt a sense of accomplishment after holding that copy of the deluxe record at our label office in New York. There are so many emotions going its great!

Is there a specific message that you are hoping to relay through “Ungrateful,” or lyric wise is there a theme that you feel really stands out?
Yea in “Ungrateful.” You need to stand up and scream and fight for your life or what you love. It impacts me on stage everyday when we play it!

You did some fun collaborations for this album, what was it like working with Patrick Stump and Caleb Shomo?
Patrick Stump is extremely talented! Nothing but positive marks on his end the turn out was great really love that guy Caleb Shomo is a long time friend of ours and things clicked right away. Both are really great guys!

2013 is a big year for you guys and it’s only just beginning!  You have the new record, the Papa Roach Tour, The Hollywood Undead tour, as well as headlining dates for an “Ungrateful” World Tour!  Are you guys stoked to be out on the road promoting the new album?
Man I’ve never been more excited. I love being out here and killing it everynight! I won’t see home until Christmas it’s looking like. It’s our time and we’re ready!

You’re on tour a lot!  How do you stay pumped for each show and keep the adrenaline level up every night?
I get pumped up for shows by jumping or working out everyday. It’s a personal goal but that’s what drives to play well everyday!

What should fans expect when they come out to an Escape The Fate show?
A sweaty, dirty, good time.

For the “Ungrateful” Deluxe Version, you guys filmed a live concert at the Roxy!  What was that experience like for you?
The Roxy show kicked ass. We had Frankie Nasso film the whole thing. The energy from fans and stage of being back was extraordinary. It’s great that it was captured and put on as a deluxe just love it!

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?
To the fans, thanks for always being there for Escape the Fate! There’s lots more to come! Our new album “Ungrateful” is out May 14th so check it out and go grab a copy! Much love!

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    • Thank you Sandy! We work very hard to craft our questions and develop interviews that we believe will truly showcase each artist. It’s nice to hear that kind of positive feedback! – Abby

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