From WalMart to Coachella “Yodeling Kid” Takes Center Stage

11 year old internet sensation Mason Ramsey, also known as “Walmart yodeling boy,” skyrocketed to fame just last week. When a video surfaced of the self-proclaimed “Little Hank Williams” performing the classic Williams song “Lovesick Blues” at a Walmart store in Harrisburg, Illinois,  Ramsey became an instant social media hit. 

It didn’t take long for Ellen DeGeneres to not only get him out to perform on her show, but to book him a spot to perform at Nashville’s legendary Grand Ole Opry. Just last weekend, Ramsey joined dance producer Whether onstage at Coachella to perform the Williams song that started it all, “Lovesick Blues,” stirring up quite the reaction from the crowd and throwing Ramsey back into the social media spotlight. From Walmart, to The Ellen Show, to the desert for Coachella, to the Grand Ole Opry, it’s been quite a crazy few weeks to launch this 11 year old yodelers career, and this is just the beginning! Check out the Coachella performance below.

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