PREMIERE: Art Basel Inspires Music Video for 13 Year Old Cloe Wilder’s Sasha Sloan Cover – “Faking It”

Art Basel’s recent event, The Urban Art Fair, which featured The Private Jet Experience curated by The Most Famous Artist and SelfieCircus as well as the various wall murals curated by Spok Brillor and were the inspiration behind self proclaimed Sad-Pop artist 13 year old Cloe Wilder’s music video cover of “Faking It” by Sasha Sloan. 

Her latest cover showcases Cloe’s voice that is wildly beyond her years, with a melancholic tone that is displayed throughout her other songs, capturing darker themes from accepting mental health issues, to pushing for equality, and embracing imperfection. 

“Sasha Sloan has been a major artistic inspiration for me lately,” Cloe says, “Her songwriting is insanely captivating. I loved the way that she put the idea of a real and messed up relationship into this song, even though it’s hard to talk about. A lot of the pieces at The Urban Art Fair, where we shot the video, gave the illusion of being real. They were just fake ideas made to seem like more than they are, like the relationship being talked about in the song.”

Cloe Wilder x heirwaves

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