Corey Kilgannon’s New Single “Home of the Estranged” is a Narrative for Dreaming of Peace in a Broken Society

Singer/songwriter Corey Kilgannon has released his new single, “Home of the Estranged,” a wildly powerful track that narrates the inner monologue of a broken modern world dreaming of peace, unity, and acceptance.

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Corey Kilgannon by Hunter Airheart

With a history of allowing his lyrics to encompass an honest vulnerably, Kilgannon’s music has often shed a light on the darker side of life’s undulations – and the raw observations and insightful emotions displayed throughout “Home of the Estranged” do not stray from that.

Displaying a country/folk influence comparable to Roy Rogers, the simplistic instrumental contrasts the intensity of the lyrics. Capturing the sad reality of the drastic corruption that envelops a society terrified of what tomorrow may bring, “Home of the Estranged” manages to still carry an air of hope for peace and understanding beyond the chaos. 

It is impossible to not feel the weight of the words that he sings, and to not immediately compare the lyrics to the headlines that inundate all televisions and timelines so consistently that a numbness to the pain begins to set in – one where it’s difficult to imagine a peaceful world. That dreamlike feeling of a peaceful and accepting world is painted in the idyllic narrative of Kilgannon’s song.

“What if we simply let go of our tiny understanding of how things work for long enough to just conisder someone else’s perspective, and god-forbid try to just accept them as they are.  Beneath our outward apperance, beneath the confusion and disconnection and hopelessness of the world we’ve made, we are all so deeply similar,” Kilgannon wrote on Instagram.

Home of the estranged // Where the white and the black children play // Some peace is preferred let the county lines blur // And the preachers hold hands with the gays.” – Corey Kilgannon, “Home of the Estranged”

The single is the first to be released from Kilgannon’s upcoming full-length As Above, So Below, which will mark his 6th record since 2016, including records with his more effervescent side project, Radiant Phaedrus.

“The album is the culmination of a lot of rumination about the modern world and its problems, as well as many difficult, though enlightening conversations with the team that put it together,” he wrote.

“Home of the Estranged” features his friend Landon, as well as the band Brother Moses on harmony, with artwork designed by Alex of PersonalHell, who also creates designs that promote mental health. “This cover specifically seems to show three different types of estrangement, and suggest that they are somehow interrelated.” 

Corey Kilgannon - Home of the Estranged Cover FINAL

“We all see the same things different ways folks,” he added, “but I do believe there’s a love we can all learn together.” 

“Home of the estranged Where no one has to wake up afraid // There’s a love we could learn that would cover the world I believe it’ll happen someday” – Corey Kilgannon, “Home of the Estranged”

“Home of the Estranged” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.

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