About You: The Phenomenal Rise of FLETCHER

Fresh off the North American leg of LANY’s tour, FLETCHER releases heart-rending breakup track “About You.”  

The crowd lines West 34th Street on Friday, May 17th 2019 and wraps all the way around the block before flooding into Manhattan’s famed Hammerstein Ballroom. Illuminated by a simple neon red sign, FLETCHER runs onstage, captivating the stirring crowd with absolute force as she kicks off the night with her radiantly sultry narrative “If You’re Gonna Lie,” with a bottle of tequila in hand. 

FLETCHER_ Grace Pickering x heirwaves
Photo by Grace Pickering

Presenting herself exactly as she is, FLETCHER bears a refreshing sense of authenticity that is laced throughout the honest depictions of real situations in her songs – no sugarcoating necessary.  

Compelled by FLETCHER’s bold and effervescent stage presence, the crowd sings along to every song as a wave of heartache, angst, and strength reverberates throughout the venue. 

Following the release of her viral single “Undrunk” in January, FLETCHER is rising rapidly as an unstoppable female force in pop music. Finding a niche that the airwaves lack, she manages to consistently create unapologetically catchy pop songs that are charged with striking depth as she shares candid confessions about real situations that instantly resonate and leave listeners craving more.

Having recently finished up her run on LANY’s North American tour, FLETCHER has released her latest single, “About You” – a track that tears at every heartstring while igniting an emotional fire of post-breakup devastation. 

“Grabbing my keys, they feel heavy to me // ‘Cause you gave me back, the one you don’t need.” – FLETCHER, ‘About You’

As the memories of the once-relationship flood in on repeat, the agonizing feeling of not being ready to move on emanates through her lyrics, capturing genuine heartache in every note. FLETCHER makes listeners feel exactly what she’s feeling down to every raw emotion as it translates to personal experiences. 

From her phenomenal live performance to her consistently dynamic releases, FLETCHER has sparked a fire through her music that can only be expected to burn bigger and brighter. 

“About You” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now. 

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ACby Abigail C

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