Jasmin Bade Opens Up About The Importance of Erasing The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health With Her Debut Single “I’m Fine”

While growing up in Australia, Jasmin Bade had always dreamed of singing country music. After following that dream to Nashville in 2018, she realized that she had the ability to use her music as a platform to speak about issues she feels strongly about, including mental health awareness. This inspired her debut single, “I’m Fine”.

We sat down with Jasmin in Nashville to talk about the importance of raising awareness regarding mental health, the inspiration behind the song, and her artistic journey so far.Jasmin Bade

After visiting Nashville on a trip at age 17, Jasmin says she felt reinvigorated to pursue her country music dreams. While completing an internship at the famous Bluebird Cafe, she had the opportunity to hear writer’s rounds and was inspired by the songwriters in town. “It reignited my love for songwriting as a craft. You didn’t just have to be a singer – you could be a songwriter,” she says, “It was amazing to see how a song could connect with people in this tiny room with less than 100 people.”

Jasmin returned to Australia, finding a college that offered a degree in songwriting in Tasmania. After graduating, she played shows throughout the summer, saving up to make the move to Nashville in June of 2018 and dropped her debut single “I’m Fine” less than one year later.

“I’m Fine” is a song that she hopes will help to conjure a conversation regarding mental health and de-stigmatizing it within society. “I have been a big advocate for promoting mental health awareness throughout the last few years. My friend groups, my family, and myself have all experienced anxiety or depression,” Jasmin shares.

Opening with the lyrics “I stayed home today cause I don’t have the energy,” the song acknowledges the physical toll one’s mental health can have on their body, before leading into “You say I’m crazy cause I go to therapy, but I’m not insane it’s just that way,” tackling the idea the negative stigma surrounding therapy.

Jasmin Bade x heirwavesJasmin says that the song, co-written by Spencer Jordan, quickly came together in less than two hours. “I just wanted to convey that this was okay to talk about, and to make people feel comfortable to say that they’re not okay,” she explains.

She shares that her personal favorite lyric from the song is “We dress up our demons for a caption/ They call it typical, I call it fashion.” “That lyric is talking about how we convey our demons on social media,” she reveals. “Someone who has an eating disorder could post a photo of themselves on Instagram looking underweight, and people are commenting on it with #fitspo, #bodygoals, #inspo, #thinspo. Sometimes we dress our emotions or our problems up and make it look all nice, then we put it online and we’re saying- we know it’s not real, so it’s really typical for us and everyone else looks at it as fashionable.”

Just last month, BMI hosted a mental health panel in Nashville with artists Hayley Williams, Charlie Worsham and Dave Barnes, discussing their struggles with mental health and how they’ve approached it within the music industry. “I think sometimes people think that to be creating great art, you need to be in pain or suffering, which is definitely not true,” Jasmin adds.

“All of my friends say that I’m just a pretty mess // ’cause I get my serotonin from CVS.” – Jasmin Bade, ‘I’m Fine’

Jasmin shares that when maintaining her mental health as an artist, it’s important that she gives herself downtime. “If I play a gig downtown, had a co-write that day, and then a friend asks me to head out to another gig, I know that I have to say no and go home and unwind,” she shares, adding that watching Netflix, exercising, reading a book or hanging out with her boyfriend are some of her favorite things to do in her downtime.

Managing to seamlessly blend a catchy, carefree melody with lyrics that carry a significant message, Jasmin’s powerful track encourages listeners, no matter who they are or what they’re dealing with that it’s okay not to be okay.

“I’m Fine” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with your mental health, and need help, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

Jasmin Bade - I'm Fine

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