With a Modern Classic Sound That Bypasses Clichés – New Hope Club Brings Love Again World Tour to New York’s Gramercy Theatre

The concept of a modern boy band fits a compact, universally scripted mold… but in stepping on stage at New York’s Gramercy Theatre on July 25th for their Love Again World Tour, New Hope Club seemingly shattered those boundaries.

With a modern classic air about them, New Hope Club’s music is laced with catchy complexity and an ultimately sophisticated cadence. Comprised of Northern England natives Blake Richardson, George Smith, and Reece Bibby – New Hope Club drew out a spirited crowd that thrived in sync with their energetic performance.

Performing a collection of tracks from their 2017 EP, Welcome to the Club – such “Water” and their breakout, “Perfume,” along with songs from their 2018 release Welcome to the Club, Pt. 2 – EP, the band infuses classic rock influences with fresh, new age pop elements.

Having previously opened arenas for The Vamps on multiple tours, along with having supported Sabrina Carpenter in North America in 2017, New Hope Club are no strangers to large crowds – their sound and charismatic presence filling every corner of the intimate theatre.

As they are joined by Meg Donnelly for their latest single and tour namesake, “Love Again,” the band earned an enthusiastic cheer from the eager crowd – a crowd who joined together to create a beautiful moment in holding up a sea of paper cutout hearts as the band’s set came to a close.

NHC Uk tourWhile it would be all too easy to box them in with a young One Direction, or 5 Seconds of Summer, the label of a young YouTube-risen cover band is one that would have to be widely expanded to fit the versatility of New Hope Club – who have forged a new direction with their captivating sound and stage presence that resonates far beyond their years.

Age is but a number, and genre is but a term for New Hope Club, who with their unapologetically catchy lyrics, pure relatability, and widespread musical influences are bypassing clichés and paving the way for the next wave of dynamic artists and creators.

“Love Again” is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.


Follow New Hope Club: Twitter // Instagram 

Photos by Abigail Courtland for heirwaves.


ACby Abigail C

*Header Image by Nick Spanos

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