Gia Woods Releases Sultry “Feel It” Music Video and Opens Up About Embracing The Most Honest Version of Herself

21-year-old Persian singer Gia Woods is an artist who is intent on breaking barriers through her music – creating a bold name for herself by empowering listeners to let their ultimate true colors shine, just as hers shine bright.

heirwaves spoke with Gia Woods about her latest single “Feel It” and her determination to remain honest to herself and to her listeners through her music.

GIA Woods by Angelo Kritikos
Photo by Angelo Kritikos

Growing up in a traditional Persian family, Woods played violin in her school orchestra, sparking her interest in music which lead her to learn piano, guitar, and drums as well before taking to choir during her senior year. Woods was discovered at a local open mic night after the shy teenager was encouraged to perform by a friend.

It’s safe to say that since that night, Woods has grown to thrive in confidence through her music – and is sharing that beautifully bold confidence with the world. Woods’ latest single, “Feel It” is a stunningly sultry pop track that carries an upbeat and borderline intoxicating, sensual tone.

“The song is about that initial infatuation phase right when you’re first starting to see someone,” Woods tells heirwaves, “and you can’t help but be obsessed and curious about them.” She confesses that most of her relationships have started that way, and she ultimately hope to capture that feeling and describe it honestly. “I wanted the lyrics to be super descriptive and vulnerable,” she says.

Along with the single, Woods released a bold striking music video that illustrated that exact description. “I wanted to visually show the feeling of sorta ‘losing your mind’ when you’re really into someone,” she explains, “It’s like that messy, fearful feeling when you give yourself over.”

“In the video I’m playing myself as the hunter and the prey because I’ve been on both ends, and I love how the video showcases those sides,” Woods says. And her descriptions – visually and lyrically – of her honest experiences and feelings have deeply resonated with listeners who recognized the realness in her songs.

Her soulfully dynamic sound combined with her compelling raspy vocals carried her through her breakout hit “Only A Girl” in 2015, which was a breakout for Woods in more ways than one. The music video for the track served as Woods’ coming out to her parents and to the world for the first time, and also lead her to her first ever show, in front of thousands of people at LA Pride.

With a history of encompassing really deep and dynamic personal elements, Woods admits that writing down the true personal pieces is a therapeutic process for her. “Whenever I’m in a writing session, I’m the most ‘me.’” she says, “I always try and be the most honest because I really want my listeners to feel connected to me as much as possible.”

“Being vulnerable can be scary, but it’s also such a gratifying feeling,” Woods reveals, “Every song I write I grow a little each time because when I listen to something I wrote even a month ago, I almost see an older version of me.”

As her sound grows and changes alongside her, Woods makes it clear she’s not going to conform to any specific genre. “Music is music. I think there are a million labels you can put on a person, but it’s not about that because I make whatever I want to make,” she says, noting that at the end of the day – whatever style it is, it represents her true self through and through.

Woods’ music has served to empower her audience to break societal barriers and encourage them to just be themselves… as she too is doing exactly that. When asked what it’s like to know she has inspired listeners in that way – she says there is no greater feeling.

“For me, it’s not about the followers or the number of plays on a song, but it’s really being able to connect to even just one single person and empower them to simply be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin,” Woods says. 

With a few festivals on the horizon this summer, Woods reveals that she is also currently working on a very special undisclosed new project. Whatever that may be, this game-changing young artist continues to let her most honest colors shine and urges listeners to embrace theirs.

Gia Woods’ singles “Feel It” and “One Big Party” are available for streaming and download now.

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