Good Lord | Country Superstar on the Rise: Abby Anderson Gives Brilliant Performance at New York’s Beacon Theatre

When a crowd is absolutely mesmerized during the set of an opening act, with wide smiles on their faces, buzzing with “Who is this?” and “She’s amazing!” – It’s a telltale sign that you’re in the presence of someone extremely special. That was exactly the reaction the crowd had as Abby Anderson took the stage at New York’s Beacon Theatre on July 30th opening for Rob Thomas on the Chip Tooth Tour.

Abby Anderson by John ShearerThe 22-year-old Black River recording artist instantly captivated the audience with her high-energy presence, kicking off her set with her unreleased upbeat breakup song, “Flowers.”  If everything is bigger in Texas, the Dallas-native took New York to the next level with a big, effervescent performance. 

While making sure everyone knew that she was there for a good time, Anderson also made sure that the audience was right there with her – especially the 5 spirited ladies up front that joined her as she lead into “Dance Away My Broken Heart” from her 2018 EP I’m Good.

Followed by her newest release, “Guy Like You,” Anderson’s powerhouse vocals, charismatic presence, and lively instrumentals locked in the entire Theatre’s full attention as they sway in their seats. Taking the whole theatre on a melodic rollercoaster, she softened the atmosphere with her stunning breakout ballad, “Make Him Wait.” 

“All my ladies tonight,” she calls out from behind her keyboard,”I hope you know you’re a queen, and I hope you’re getting treated like one.”

Anderson picks it right back up again with another unreleased song titled, “Just One Night,” proving to be a wildly dynamic performer as the whole crowd claps along. “I knew New York would know how to clap your hands… That was fun!” She exclaims. 

As she picks up her acoustic guitar, the young singer/songwriter sheds a light on her old-soul and the music she was raised on. “My dad was always playing one particular band in his truck…” Anderson prefaces, earning a spirited round of cheers from the crowd when her band plays the intro to a stunning rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Rounding out her set with her current single “GOOD LORD,” as well as the rest of the songs from her 2018 EP, Abby Anderson delivers a high energy show and proves to be a natural performer – complete with a contagious smile that confirms she is right at home on that stage.

With her song “Fearless” recently featured on the soundtrack for major motion picture A Dog’s Journey, a direct opening spot on a major 44-city tour, her Grand Ole Opry Debut, a Stagecoach performance, and much more under her belt already – it’s safe to say it’s just the beginning of a thriving, limitless journey in music for Abby Anderson. 

“GOOD LORD” is available for dreaming and download on all platforms now. 

Abby Anderson by John Shearer

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ACby Abigail C

*Header Image and Photos by John Shearer.

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