Benjamin Francis Leftwich Releases New Track “Look Ma!”

Benjamin Francis Leftwich has released his powerful new song “Look Ma!” now available for streaming on all platforms. “Look Ma!” is the third track to drop from Leftwich’s upcoming record “Gratitude” out March 15th, 2019 on Dirty Hit.

With magnetic lyrics that signify accepting mistakes and falling before flying, the alluring track captivates from the very start as it escalates into an uplifting “phoenix-rising” tone, serving as an anthem for a bright, new beginning. Ending with a dreamlike classical melody interlaced, the song resonates with a hopeful feeling that mirrors the idea of a new understanding Leftwich hopes to convey through his upcoming album. 

“I’m over pretending knowing it all”

“For me, this album is about finally waking up; to my true spirit, my body and the beautiful wild real world around me,” Leftwich wrote about his upcoming record. “I worked on this album with a variety of trusted and loving sisters and brothers and it was a long ride with many deep dark and bright light moments all around the world. This album is an observation on my slowly growing understanding of love, surrender, humility and addiction.” 

“Through the chaos and the calm, found some comfort in the harm, and I fall apart.”

Album pre-order information and further details on his upcoming European tour can be found here

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ACby Abigail C

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