Beyond Nice: Get to know The Young Sires as they walk through their magnetic new track

The Young Sires spoke to heirwaves about the debut of their new single “Nice.”

“The song is an homage to the ‘No worries’ lifestyle,” The Young Sires tell heirwaves, “and in the context of the song, brought on by the metaphor of being in a powerful relationship and having the overwhelming sense that, when you’re close to that person/thing/place everything is right in the world. As well as, enjoying life in a more general sense.”

the young sires 2Nice is an understatement for the dynamic track which dropped on January 15th, serving as a captivating 2019 debut for the group. “The songs groove in mostly steady and rides, which isn’t our usual style,” they explain. “The post chorus’ though, glides into slightly darker waters, implying a potential step beyond that pleasure or ‘No Worries’ mentality, into a more ‘lustful’ state. The overall purpose of the song is to enjoy it, ride the wave.” 

“In our eyes Nice is one of the more ‘Hooky’ songs we’ve released. The songs creation was very unique though. We spent a year crafting it and really dialing in the melodies, which isn’t normally how we finish and release songs,” admitting it took longer than expected to develop. “Nice is a part of pair that’s fairly dated,” the guys reveal, coupling the track with their single Mulholland Drive, “We really like the vibe and still wanted to share it as part of that duo.”

“The overall purpose of the song is to enjoy it, ride the wave.” 

Brothers Benn, Danny, and Spence Suede are the architects behind The Young Sires, who have created quite the online buzz since their debut – yet, the trio have managed to maintain somewhat of an enigmatic air surrounding their name. “It’s been a intentional approach since the beginning,” they say, “I think it stems for us liking to shroud our lyrics in metaphor and mystery.”

the young siresFollowing his departure from rock/metal band Crown The Empire, Benn Suede went on to develop The Young Sires with his brother Danny Suede.  A year or so after they kicked off the project, their youngest brother Spence Suede joined the team.  “Spence is a really gifted singer,” Benn states, “Danny and I have played music together since we were really young, and ended up wanting to go for it together later on in life, + 1.”

And they are certainly going for it.  With a few powerful singles under their belt, this is just the beginning for the trio who are no doubt ready to make waves. “We have lot of new music we’re finishing up right now and are planning to drop very soon,” they say, adding that they plan to drop more music in the coming weeks that has a more dramatic shift in energy both stylistically and lyrically. “We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and found some really wild vibes through that process. We’re just stoked to share them!”

Nice is available for steaming and download on all platforms.

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ACby Abigail C

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