Weathers’ New Track “Dirty Money” Examines The Catastrophic Consequences of Chasing Success

“I’m a rolling stone I’m not an angel”

LA based alternative rock band Weathers’ new single “Dirty Money” examines the negative dichotomy of breaking down and changing who you are to chase something you crave, only to lose yourself in the personal ramifications of success that are masked by a glorified version of money or fame. The darkly charismatic track is laced with a catchy complexity that combines stirring lyrics over intensely radiant instrumental layers.

“It might be better for you, better for you – If you don’t know where I’ve been”

The single conveys the internal battle of rediscovering who you are after achieving what you thought you wanted. Encompassing everything from ignoring warning signs of a toxic relationship, to developing an unhealthy internal relationship with the weight of wealth, the track exposes the catastrophic combination of desiring something that compromises ones integrity to achieve. With their magnetic debut track of 2019, Weathers leaves us hitting repeat and ready for more.

weathers tour.jpg

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ACby Abigail C

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